FAG Graphic Systems SA

Specialist for measuring, quality control, retrofit of printing machines and image processing

The sales program consists of:

o Quality control equipment FAG VIPDENS
o Colormanagement X-Rite Incorporated
o Ink fountain remote control system FAG Colorset
o Inline Color Measurement Device FAG ICMD
o Video inspection FAG Miniscan + FAG EVSA
o Sheet inspection system FAG EAGLE EYE + FAG FALCON EYE
o Blanket washing device FAG LCC
o Plate scanner FAG VPS Bingoscan + FAG CIP 3/4 Reader

o Labour printing machine FAG FLP 21

o Proofing Offset Refurbished FAG OP-104 + FAG Korrex 2000

In addition we are in charge of service and maintenance of all the equipment
sold by FAG.

FAG is member
of following associations:

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